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Join now to make a proclamation and create a global symbol showing that the politicians are not doing enough to tackle global warming.

90 percent of UN’s climate experts agree that we are facing a climate threat, that we ourselves have created and which is threat to our civilization. But can we change our behavior and thereby avoid the disaster? And are we willing to do so? Or are we yet another bunch of lemmings headed for the abyss.

The solution is simple: The climate crisis can basically only be avoided through choosing and investing in CO2-free consumption and energy-production. The problem is when, how and how fast we will do this? If all Greenland’s ice melts, sea water will rise 7 meters. This is one of the long-term consequences of global warming. The campaign is named SevenMeters after this water increase because it is a very tangible and understandable result of the climate changes.

24 kilometers of red flashing lights will make a line 7 meters above water’s surface in Copenhagen during UN’s climate summit in December 2009. Activists around the globe will make similar ‘water lines’ in the areas where they live. The goal is to make the symbol so strong, that a simple act, like flashing a bicycle light at a climate meeting, at a demonstration or elsewhere will signal that too little is done to stop global warming.

We will use SevenMeters and flashing lamps to highlight the human consequences of global warming. It will show that global warming is not just about wildlife, plants and rising water. That it will also have a colossal impact on mankind in form of future migrations caused by drought and floods. And it will have produced 250 million climate refugees before the year 2050 unless we do something drastic. is launched from Denmark. But the campaign’s focus is global as well and supports and encourages activists across the globe to take up the idea and make ’new’ water-marks in their own countries – or in other ways use the symbol of red flashing lights.

Can you change the climate by using red lights? No! – but we can create a movement and a symbolize that we are ready to change our consumption, and that we believe that the politicians are not doing enough. If you and millions of others help diffusing the idea, we can together create a butterfly-effect, that lets a red blinking storm blow over the world, which says:”do something now, and do it quickly!”.



We Encourage you to:

  • Forward this mail to everyone on your email list. Check our website at and join the SevenMeters mailing list. Then you will receive updates on the project and the ongoing activities.

  • Become active in the SevenMeters-campaign. Join, or create, a local SevenMeters group, and make creative actions to highlight global warming and its consequences and push for necessary changes.

  • If you’re already active in an environmental group or something else, SevenMeters encourage you to use the symbolism and the signal value from flashing red lights to put focus on what you already do.

It is the Danish sculptor Jens Galschiot who is behind the SevenMeters-manifestation. The artist is independent of all political and religious interests and has often made global art events in the defence of a humanism
in society. For example in cooperation with the Pro-Chinese Democracy Movement in Hong Kong, and the indigenous people in Mexico. We hope that a many individuals and organizations will join the project and contribute by using red LED-lights as a symbol of global warming consequences.

Contact us at; Banevænget 22 – DK 5270 Odense N, Tel: 6618 4058 / 6170 3083, Fax 6618 4158, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Internet:
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R E D A L E R T ! ! !
Obama will be set up naked in Copenhagen

On Wednesday at 11.30 am. Jens Galschiot will set up a balancing Obama-like sculpture doing a handstand on a 7 -meter pole. The sculpture is the first of four new Balancing Act sculptures being set up on different locations in Copenhagen. They will join a party of the 14-meter high sculpture that has already been placed on the Parliament square.

Join free tours through SevenMeters and Illumenarts exhibitions.
Throughout the COP15, you will be able to join the guided tours, where you will see the SevenMeters-exhibitions around Bella Center as well as the other Gliwing-Climate art-pieces in the area. It is SevenMeters' cooperator Illumenarts who is behind the guided tours. Read more for dates and times;
7M will take action during huge Demo on December 12

Having hung up some 20 kilometers of blinking 7-Meter line, we are continuing our actions during the big demonstration on December 12 (Saturday).

Heavily armed group steals equipment for 7-meters line!

Everything was going as planned as our two brave volunteers Le Pierre and Sofus took a break after having hung up kilometers of red blinking LED-lights to mark the SevenMeters water-rise if all Greenlands ice melts. But then...



The inside of the posterThe inside of the poster