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How do I know if I agree with the Seven Metres Project?

You’ll agree with the Seven Meters Project, if you primarily agree with the following principles:

  • The political leaders do something, but it is not enough.
  • Therefore politicians as well as the public have to improve their commitment to making the necessary changes, e.g. by sidelining national interests.
  • Global warming is essentially man-made, and it is the human kind that must do something about it.
  • The blame for global warming lies with the developed world and their CO2 emission. And therefore it is their do something about it.
  • I consider climate change to be so serious that I worry about its effect on the stability of human civilisation.
  • The climate changes will result in both droughts and rising water levels which will cause extensive human migration around our globe. It is the responsibility of the developed world to ensure and facilitate that these people can make a decent, secure and sustainable living somewhere else.
  • I believe that when 90% of climate experts say that global warming is man-made, it is true.

You’ll disagree with the Seven Meters Project, if you primarily agree with the following principles:
  • I believe that science will in time invent a "technological fix" that will create carbon-free energy and goods production and thereby solve global warming.
  • There is no reason to change the fact that the EU and the US produce the majority of global carbon emissions.
  • Climate change is not man-made, but merely a result of the Earth’s natural development, sunspots or something else outside of human reach, which we cannot and shall not do anything about.
  • I don’t believe that we have any climate problems at all.
  • I believe that the politicians and the UN will take care of the climate problem, and there is no need for me to get involved as they do enough and are fully in control.
  • I believe that the 90% climate experts, who say that global warming is man-made, are wrong.
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R E D A L E R T ! ! !
Obama will be set up naked in Copenhagen

On Wednesday at 11.30 am. Jens Galschiot will set up a balancing Obama-like sculpture doing a handstand on a 7 -meter pole. The sculpture is the first of four new Balancing Act sculptures being set up on different locations in Copenhagen. They will join a party of the 14-meter high sculpture that has already been placed on the Parliament square.

Join free tours through SevenMeters and Illumenarts exhibitions.
Throughout the COP15, you will be able to join the guided tours, where you will see the SevenMeters-exhibitions around Bella Center as well as the other Gliwing-Climate art-pieces in the area. It is SevenMeters' cooperator Illumenarts who is behind the guided tours. Read more for dates and times;
7M will take action during huge Demo on December 12

Having hung up some 20 kilometers of blinking 7-Meter line, we are continuing our actions during the big demonstration on December 12 (Saturday).

Heavily armed group steals equipment for 7-meters line!

Everything was going as planned as our two brave volunteers Le Pierre and Sofus took a break after having hung up kilometers of red blinking LED-lights to mark the SevenMeters water-rise if all Greenlands ice melts. But then...



The inside of the posterThe inside of the poster