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As a young and responsible for contributing to society, I can not be indifferent to social problems, ecological, economic, political, ...of my country and the world without bringing my little pittance on the physical and moral purpose was to live in a prosperous and better world.

Peasants Women Welfare Foundation Pakist     29 October 2009 11:10 |
i read your website and we are working for poor and empowerment of the rural women in Pakistan.
our introduction is below.Peasants Women Welfare Foundation (PWWF) Reg (Act.XXI of 1860)

No.RP/494 Pakistan .


Peasants Women Welfare Foundation is a organization of approximately 20,000/- women. These women are based in different districts in Punjab (Okara, Shaiwal, Faisalabad , Multan , Khanewal, Lahore , Sargodaha, and Pakpatten). In these districts of the Punjab landless peasants settled this uncultivated land with their hard labour and have tilled soil for over a century. It was barren land which was made cultivation land by these poor landless peasants. In other words, these peasants have cultivated the land for four generations. Through the years the peasants of these areas have voiced their concern but despite several proclamation and attempts towards land reform they have been unable to obtain ownership rights over lands that should belong to the peasants. The whole family with their children were working day and night to produced to survive but, after a long struggle the crops were taken by the army representivies and peasants had nothing to live on. They lived in this inhuman situation far ages.

In July 2000 a new piece –rate system and a yearly lease agreement was introduced. This new system and agreement represented a severe loss in the social and economic position of the peasants. In other words this system was designed to evict these peasants from their land.

Given this situation the peasant women of these areas established their organization under the name Peasant Women Welfare Foundation. The organization rapidly grew to encompass hundred of thousands peasant women all over the Punjab .

They are working in fields with their men and children to grow more food, vegetables and other crops. Due to hard work, male nutrition and less medical and other facilities. Many time the women suffered from different diseases but they did not have access to medical facilities due to their low income. Last one hundred years ago the peasant’s women were not aware of their social and human rights. They didn’t know how to solve their problems. They have lake of knowledge, information and education. That’s way they suffer lot of times, know they feel some changing come with new technology and human values. They also have experience and took part in fields. They faced many difficulties and hardships during this struggle. They feel equality and encouragement and now we realized that we need to get organized to achieve our rights and dignity planed to organize especial peasant women to protect and develop women rights. We will also struggle against injustice and discrimination against women violence in any form. We are also strengthening and encouraging women for social equality. We also organize labour women, home base women, working women and all women’s rights. PWWF wants to bring women rights revolution in our country. Due to this situation the PWWF will establish setup in province Punjab and afterward in all over Pakistan .


1. The PWWF struggle for rights of the agricultural labour women.
2. The PWWF struggle for fundamental rights of the women.
3. The PWWF provide legal and social awareness against women violence.
4. The PWWF provide skill training to generate income for their family sport.
5. The PWWF provide source of human rights and to develop social values.
6. The PWWF promote education and health facilities.
7. The PWWF provide pesticide, seeds, fertilizer and agricultural skill and tools according to the Government schedule rate.
8. The PWWF assist to get loans without interest for women home industries.
9. The PWWF establish orphanage house and old age house.
10. The PWWF provide opportunities for religious harmony and inter faith among the different religions.


To strengthen women to achieve their equal rights.


1. The PWWF based on democracy system.

2. PWWF re-elect all the representatives and officials of the organization for the five years.

3. PWWF provide membership in executive body.

4. If there are complains against the President and General secretary, the executive member will decide and announce the decision.

5. Local funds should be provided PWWF 50% from the Local bodies.

6. All members of the General body and Local units can break organizational structure with unanimously.


1. Any adult male / female can get membership of the foundation if he / she is major and sane and bear good moral character.
2. He / She is fully agreed to the objectives and the constitution of the Foundation.
3. A member will have to pay the membership fee and subscription fee as well, to be fixed by the Foundation from time to time.
4. The application for admission should be addressed to the President; the President will be authorized to the accept or reject the application with the approval of Governing Bodies.

Disqualification from Membership:-

A member shall cease to be the member of the Foundation in case of any the following;

1. By death.

2. By resignation in writing address to the President.

3. By becoming insance.

4. For not attending three consecutive meetings.

5. If he fails to pay the subscription fee for three consecutive months.

6. If the commits evil and immoral activities or work against the interest of Foundation.

7. Any member, who becomes of unsound mind or is convicted of any office involving moral turpitude, will vacate the office.

8. Any member may withdraw from NGO by notifying in writing before a month to the President.


The election of the governing body will be held after five years.

Power and Duties of the Office Bearers


1. She will supervise all the matters of the Foundation.
2. All the meetings will be presided over by the President.
3. She can call or adjourn any meeting according to the situation.
4. She can exercise special opinion / power in case of equal votes.
5. She will empowered to check accounts; sign accounts books and other important papers.
6. She will be the chief administer of the Foundation.
7. She will take the decisions as President and supervise the executions of the decisions of NGO, represents external, signs agreement in the name of the NGO, approve the duties of NGO members.

Senior Vice President

To assist the President.

Vice President

To assist the Senior Vice President.

General Secretary

She will be responsible:-

1. To keep the record of the Foundation in safe custody.

2. To record the minutes of the meeting of the Executive Body.

3. To prepare and circulate the agenda of the meetings.

4. To manage the collection of funds, subscription and grants from the public to meet the expenses of the Foundation.

5. To maintain accounts books and make arrangement for the annual audit. she will also be responsible.

Finance Secretary

1. To keep the record of the Foundation in safe custody.

2. To deposit the accounts in the bank approved by the Executive body.

3. To draw the amount from the bank through cheques.

4. To prepare the balance sheet and budget estimate of the Foundation.

5. To maintain all financial books of the Foundation.

6. To receive all donations, grants, fees etc. and to issues receipts to the payees.

7. To keep and maintain the record for annual auditing and to the donors

Office Secretary

The duties of the coordinator is to assist the General Secretary in the performance of the duties. In the absence of the General Secretary, the coordinator shall perform the duties and enjoy the power of the General Secretary.

Secretary Information

She will arrange publication all the activities of the society. She will assist in General and shall responsible to keep record in safe custody. He will assist the General Secretary. He will assist the Finance Secretary.

Source of income:-

1. Membership fee/ Admission Fee.

2. Grants

3. Gifts.

4. Donation from generous persons etc.

5. Zakat.

Bank Account:-

For the maintenance of accounts of the organization being kept in a schedule bank or in a post office or nation savings organization, National bank of the Pakistan or nationalized commercial bank. The bank account will be opened in the name of the society in any schedule bank. The bank account will be operated and Cheque will be signed by two of the followings.

1. President

2. General Secretary


The meeting of the foundation will be held as and when the governing body members deem fit, or as and when exigency of the Foundation demands but necessarily once in month. For this purpose a prior notice of 10 days will be issued to all concerned. The agenda will be sent to all concerned members one week before such a meeting. AGM will also be held. Once in a calendar year.

Postponement of Meetings:-

The President or President will be empowered to call for the meetings and in case of any unpleasant, situation the meeting shall be postponed. In case of death or resignation, the Executive Body in its special meeting will fill the vacancy.


Qualified auditor/ ITP or C.A will hold the audit annually.


The quorum will be 2/3 of the total Foundation / members of the Foundation.


The amendments in the constitutions, ,memorandum and articles of Foundation, Foundation deed, rules and regulation or bye-laws, as the case may be, will carried out by 3/5 majority and approved by Registrar.


For the transfer of its assets, in the event of its dissolution, after meeting all liabilities, if any, to another organization which is an approved non-profit organization, within three months of the dissolution under intimation to the Registrar.

Best wishes

Mob No: +923226936685

Tel No: +92442881120

Mail id:

Postal Address: Chak No 10/4L Okara, Punjab , Pakistan

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Take action against climate change - This is your opportunity to make a difference!

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i hate CO2

Pierre - Narbone, France     18 September 2009 10:00 |
hi i would want to take part in a french group

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Wow det her er et Mega Super fedt projekt

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Odense, Odense, Odense, Odense, Odense, Odense, Odense, Odense, Odense, Odense.

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